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Referral Process

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Do I have to sign the referral?
    A: While legally written permission is not required, Chinook School Division believes that signing the referral affirms a collaborative partnership between parents and school. If a parent disagrees with the referral process they are invited to have (participate) in further dialogue with the school regarding the reason for the referral. If the referral is not signed, School Division senior administration, will determine what needs to happen in the best interests of the child's learning. The refusal is documented.
  2. Are both parents required to sign the referral for a child to be assessed?
    A: Both parents are not required to sign the referral. The permission signature must be from the custodial parent.
  3. If I sign the referral, when/where will the assessment take place?
    A: The assessment typically occurs at the school, however an alternate location may be determined if the assessment can not be given successfully at the school. The referral process may occur during an extended period of time.
  4. Will I know what specialist will be assessing my child or how is this determined> (i.e Ed Psych, OT, SLP)
    A: The specialist involved in the assessment process will typically contact the parent if background information is required before assessments occur. When a referral is initially addressed by the School Division team, a lead specialist is determined based on the referral information.
  5. Do I get a copy of any assessment reports?
    A: Parents are given copies of any formalized reports on the child.
  6. What are some examples of classroom-based responses?
    A: Some responses may be: 

      1. preferential seating
      • pre-teaching vocabulary
      • re-teaching new concepts
      • adjusting assignment length or complexity
      • ensuring the child's learning style is addressed
      • others responses as necessary
  7. What is a Personal Program Plan (PPP)?
    A: A Personal Program Plan (PPP) is an educational plan which defines the priority goals and related strategies for a student during a specific school year. It is prepared by the school and parent team.

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